WTVd0's Master List

I have submitted the majority of tickets on the Anacreon Ministry and many of them are ambitious suggestions for changing major gameplay elements rather than conventional bug reports.

This is a list of bugs that interfere with existing gameplay, ranked in my perceived order of severity. The unnumbered bugs after the top 10 are all fairly rare or minor.

This list does not include bugs reported after 9/20/2016.

Below the list of bugs is a list of "non-labor-intensive suggestions": situations that are not bugs per se, but gameplay elements that I believe could be easily changed to make the game more playable for new players and more fun for old players.

Major Bugs

These are conspicuous bugs that interfere with players' ability to play the game.

1. [FIXED] The double capital/no-capital bug, also documented here and here. Sometimes when an empire loses its imperial capital to conquest the empire is not be destroyed but also does not have a sector capital promoted to imperial capital. This causes various documented gameplay issues- the attacked player can't be messaged, has the Empire tab appear on every world, doesn't display fleet summary statistics, etc. The conquering player gets a second imperial capital that behaves strangely; unlike a "normal" capital conquest, no other planets defect with thr l capital if the bug is triggered. If the victim player loses all planets they are rendered unable to abdicate and are stuck in the game forever, unable to do anything useful unless they have surviving transports containing infantry. If the victim player retakes their old imperial capital they are ejected from the game and told that their empire has crumbled, but all their planets don't go independent, the planets instead become glitched and impossible to invade by other players.

2. [FIXED] The graviton launcher bug, which seems to involve an integer overflow. It screws up trade between planets by generating preposterous resource demands from autofacs. It can also be caused by TL10 starcruiser components. There are non-obvious workarounds that new players would be unlikely to figure out.

3. [PARTIALLY FIXED] Alert message stacking, planets with resource problems can generate gigantic stacks of alert messages that take ages to click through and seem to get duplicated.

4. Trade hub weirdness and consumer goods autofac death spirals, this link lists a couple of different bugs but the major ones are that hubs tend to refuse to distribute trillum (and maybe some other resources) unless there are at least two refineries connected, and that consumer goods autofacs on hostile worlds can easily end up in trillum-shortage situations.

5. [FIXED] Importing tech from multiple foundations can raise planetary TL above the TL of the individual foundations and capitals can uplift themselves by building and then demolishing tech projects.

6. [FIXED] Citadel firing issue, the "fire missiles" button gets pushed off the interface if a hostile fleet is orbiting a citadel.

7. Inconsistent treatment of jumpmissiles between citadel invasions and citadel attacks.

8. Combat report announcements are usually one or more of the following: incorrect, misleading, or insufficient.

9. Fleets can path outside the map

10. Transports don't fire their weapons, automatically withdraw even if they could win, and cause issues when splitting fleets

- Fleets do not use opportunity fire, which ties into a bunch of exploits and undesirable combat behavior. Appears to be a regression from Alpha 4.

- [FIXED] Trade routes are not severed properly for planets defecting due to sector capital capture

- Empire names can overlap other interface elements

- Redesignating trade hubs destroys the starport structure

- The zoomed-out map displays capital planet names. It should display empire names.

- There is no restriction on multiple empires with the same name

- In rare cases, players can start in nebular locations with no other planets visible, which is a game over because it prevents exploration

- Ramjet fleets mostly can't move between different nebula types, except nebulas that were linked via dark nebula duplication, a second layer of dark nebula that appeared spontaneously in the middle of Beta II.

- There are issues with the combat visualizer that may or may not reflect actual issues with how combat occurs. Specifically, really large fleet wings may have a problem with firing range, some ships may not start firing at maximum range, and missiles may have targeting issues.

- A rare bug involving trade route toggles

- Invisible planets in nebulas, which may be tied to weirdness with inconsistent or ambiguous fleet and planet sensor radiuses

- Unfair extra units or too-high TLs for starting capitals that used to be part of another empire

- [PARTIALLY FIXED] Weird behavior of GDMs (note: they no longer do this since they are no longer single-shot, but presumably any future single-shot weapon would also be buggy)

- [FIXED] Missing "ffi" ligature in the in-game fonts (seems to be a regression)

- The galactic screenshot button doesn't seem to work properly under most browser/computer configurations, although I don't know if this is easily fixable.

Non-labor-intensive Suggestions

These are not bugs per se but would significantly improve the game, especially for new players:

1. Don't let players change doctrine unless certain conditions are met, a lot of new players immediately switch to a doctrine that doesn't produce ships and lose interest in the game because they can't do anything.

2. Don't let new players immediately build a bunch of tech projects on their capitals since this prevents them from building ships (starting capitals are earthlike worlds without chronimium). One way to do this would be to make tech projects >TL7 require chronimium.

3. Allow resource import ratios to be adjusted dynamically based on source planets' labor output and existing resource stockpiles rather than as fixed ratios. (Maybe this would be labor intensive)

4. Prompt for TL when importing foundation technology

5.[REBALANCED] I feel that some ship classes and defenses are poorly balanced and made some suggestions, some are quite elaborate (e.g. my suggestion for jumpships.) Simple tweaks that would improve the game without changing the underlying code would be to reduce Eldritch firing range to 5, slightly increase jumpcruiser and starcruiser firing range or figure out what is going on with attacker missile ranges, make low-tech and high-tech gunships move at the same speed, and possibly decrease starfrigate firing range excluding the Manta.

5. Fix Mesophon by making their planets better defended and making them immune to secession and revolt.

6. Fix AI empires by making them attackable by their originating player without penalty, permitting them to auto-abdicate, and distinguishing them from player empires.

7. Improve nebulas by tweaking aetherium/chtholon frequency & making aetherium and chtholon usable to build some sort of defenses or infantry.

8. Make defense structures require resources to build (not just the units that the structures produce) and automatically allocate labor away from defenses or units that are missing needed resources due to trade route disruption or TL changes, to prevent players from wasting labor on unbuildable units.

9. Define planetary traits in-game

10. Describe units and resources in-game.

11. [FIXED] End the L&O capital spam strategy by restricting the number of allowed sector capitals under L&O to something like 1 capital for every 25 or 30 planets.

12. Use monospaced fonts on the production tab.

13. New units that follow existing game rules:

- a TL7, high-capacity, gunship-speed warptransport with modest missile protection (r:1) built on starship worlds. Uses Defiance reactor and has capship-tier attrition. Maybe can carry Partisans but only unload them at designated citadels? Maybe can launch Partisans from orbit but this destroys the transport? No high-tech or ramjet equivalents. Alternately have two classes of gunship-speed componentless warptransports at TL 5 and 8.

- A TL6, non-transportable or warp-only-transportable infantry unit built on citadels that uses the light missile launcher component, always contributes to defender counterattack during during combat rounds regardless of whether it is directly engaged or not, and does reduced damage to basic infantry.

I have not listed my suggestions, since they would require major changes to the game, but I would consider combat and communications records, fleet orders, citadel orders and statistical lists to be my most desired game features. .csv outputs of various in-game statistics and a better documented API would be nice too. Obviously everyone wants constructions at some point.

george moromisato on 3/7/2017 6:06 AM:

Fixed #5 and fixed trade-route severing bug. Fixes deployed to server.