wTVd0's Master List


This document includes:

  • a list of bugs that interfere with gameplay in Era 3.
  • a list of recommended changes to the game's interface.
  • a list of "non-labor-intensive suggestions": gameplay elements that I believe could and should be changed without constituting major overhauls

The focus of these lists is things that can be implemented in a short development cycle. It does not include more ambitious suggestions.

This is one player's perspective and is not exhaustive of all suggestions that have been made on the forum.

Bug Fixes

Structures & Designations

Units & Combat



Players and Empires

  • [Priority] Empire names should be unique, with no empire allowed to adopt the same name as an existing one. Otherwise anyone with a Multiverse account can incite a war via false-flag attack.
  • [Priority] Limit the characters that can be used in an empire name to A-Z & 0-9 (Unicode names can paint stuff outside the boundaries of in-game dialogs) and restrict name length.
  • The zoomed-out map displays capital planet names. It should display empire names.
  • In rare cases, players can start in nebular locations with no other planets visible. This results in an unplayable game because there is nowhere to move fleets.
  • Starting capitals that used to be part of another empire can get potentially unbalanced extra units and resources, and/or too-high TLs that are actively regressing. Imperial capital planets should also have their efficiency reset to a high number and their revIndex reset to 0 at the time that a player joins the game, if this does not already occur.


  • [Priority] Worlds without a biosphere do not always prioritize life support resource production over other labor-consuming activities. The bug is mostly seen in extreme situations; anecdotally, it is most likely on non-biosphere planets that are designated as consumer goods autofacs.
  • [Priority] "Welcome Back, My Lord" message and combat messages often require multiple mouse clicks to dismiss.
  • [REGRESSION] Missing "ffi" ligature in some in-game fonts (this is still an issue despite an attempted fix).
  • Game client freezes when zooming to combat visualizer on a moving fleet.
  • Incorrect error text when interacting with planets outside of capital control radius

Interface Suggestions

If interface changes are on the table, it would be nice to have:


  • [Priority] A "merge to" button in the transfer dialog that transfers absolutely everything in a fleet to the target fleet or planet. Alternately, a button in the bottom bar to merge all owned fleets at planet.
  • [Priority] Ability to pick the number of units to buy when purchasing from Mesophon, rather than buying in fixed quantities.
  • Scroll wheel support in game interfaces like the transfer dialog.
  • A new trade route interface that is more streamlined (e.g. click-and-drag to select all worlds to conduct 2-way trade with) .
  • Prompt for desired TL when importing foundation technology.

Bottom Bar

Top Bar

  • The galactic screenshot button doesn't seem to work properly for most browser/computer configurations.
  • [Priority] Button to dismiss all map overlay messages. Toggle to prevent any new messages from appearing.

Galactic Map View

  • [Priority] It's difficult or impossible to distinguish unexplored space from dark nebulas and open space at zoom levels where background stars stop being displayed.
  • [Priority] Show relevant range circles for planets when mousing over designation button, to support empire planning.
  • Scroll wheel support for zooming.
  • Scanner radius for fleets should be explicitly communicated somehow; the nebular scanner radius for planets is inaccurately represented. How do scanners even work? In general it is very difficult to determine when fleet will become visible or when it will become countable.
  • Clicking an empire's fleet should highlight that empire's borders, if known.
  • Clicking a message that involves another empire should highlight that empire's borders, if known.
  • More consistently clear foreign fleet paths without refreshing the game client.
  • Click and drag to select multiple fleets, then issue them all one movement or merge order.
  • It's hard to select individual fleets when more than three or four are present at one world. Array fleet icons in concentric semicircles rather than all in one big semicircle.
  • There should be distinct fleet icons for explorer-speed fleets, gunship-speed fleets, and possibly for fleets that include landing-capable ships.
  • During invasions, the scanner circle for conquered planets is displayed instantly whereas the "Imperial Forces have conquered XXXX" message and the color change/incorporation into empire occur when a watch ends, unless the player refreshes their game client. All these things should occur simultaneously.
  • Distinguish neutral and "hostile" empires by border color - maybe have more explicit "war" and "peace" states?

Planet/Combat View

  • [Priority] When many wings are present at a world, their control boxes extend beyond the bottom combat visualizer and it's difficult to issue them orders. Either revise the visualizer to accommodate more wings or entirely rethink how wings are selected on this screen- for example, support wing selection by clicking on the orbiting wings themselves.
  • Strongly distinguish wings and unit types in the combat visualizer; e.g., overlay each wing with a transparent floating fleet symbol of an appropriate type and size
  • indicate when there are pending wing orders, not just the active order (due to delay before orders get accepted by wings).


Multiple & Misc

Non-labor-intensive Suggestions

I support an interlocking set of changes to strategic warfare that is described here. However, the suggestions made in this section are versions that could be implemented a la carte without affecting one another.

Structures & Designations

Units & Combat

Players and Empires


  • [Priority] Allow resource import ratios to be adjusted dynamically based on source planets' labor output and existing resource stockpiles rather than as fixed ratios. A workaround is to enable importing of any resource that a planet can export; that way two-way trade routes to hubs will auto-balance demand. This already works for consumer goods!
  • [Priority] Planetary option to export all surplus to hub- stockpile resources on hub instead of the producing world, with the hub importing as much of the resource as possible independent of demand.
  • [Priority] Planets should continue to use resources if there is a stockpile present, even if no trade route or structure exists to supply the resource. Trade hubs should be able to distribute stockpiled resources until they are depleted.


  • Make nebular resources more interesting by tweaking aetherium/chtholon frequency (chtholon is very common) & making aetherium and chtholon usable to run some kind of structure or to build some sort of defenses or infantry.
  • If games don't end, hexacarbide should probably be subject to attrition, even if it's very low attrition. You can see insanely large accumulations of hexacarbide in long-running games.


george moromisato 7 Mar 2017:

Fixed #5 and fixed trade-route severing bug. Fixes deployed to server.

Updated to reflect Era 3.9

--imperator-- 22 May 2018:

As an easier-to-implement alternative to different empire colors, introduce just one more outline for "neutral" empires - yellow or pale green being some possible aesthetic choices. Let neutral be the default state for all empires. If a player attacks or is attacked by, a neutral empire, change that empire's status to "enemy" and show the default red outline. This may be easier because there already exists functions to check if a player has ever attacked another: see how the social order penalty is applied/waived for larger empires attacking smaller ones. This system may also be better than a color wheel/picker as it prevents selection of outlandish colors which may not blend in very well with the game's overall interface/theme - a player selecting a bright neon pink, for example.

Imperator, I agree.