When a player first logs in they can get dropped on the "Start Game" page (https://anacreon.kronosaur.com/start.hexm), which does not include the Era 3 game. This is a problem!

The "Games" page (https://anacreon.kronosaur.com/games.hexm) includes a false statement (you can not, in fact, start a new game, or create a private game with your friends.) If the player presses the "New Game" button, they go to the "Start Game" page. Functionally these pages are identical except they include different games.

It is not clear to me what determines whether a player gets dropped on the "Start" page or the "Games" page.

There is no real difference between "Join" and "Play" buttons, which is confusing. The "Play" button just joins you to the Era 3 game.

Until it is possible to actually start a new game, all active games should be listed on a single page to reduce player confusion.