self-explanatory. it should be possible to merge fleets rather than having to transfer ships down to a planet and then back up into the other fleet

herpthederp 5 May 2015:

And if there are more than 2 entities(i.e planets, fleets) that are yours stationed somewhere, a small dialog box should prompt which fleet/planet to merge with

maybe the button should read "merge all to". used on a fleet, it would merge ALL other fleets to that one. used on a planet, it would merge ALL fleets down. this would remove the need for a second dialog box. when combining jumpfleets, etc. you can have 10+ fleets over one planet. merging them one by one with a second dialog prompt would be even more tedious than it currently is; it would be easier to just merge everything by default and then deploy out of the big fleet if needed.

george moromisato 11 Mar 2017:

Added a dialog box that lets you pick which fleet to transfer to.

To reduce tedium it would be ideal if there were a button added to the transfer dialogue box that transfers all units of all classes from the upper fleet to the lower entity, which can be either a fleet or planet. Completely transferring a large fleet or a fleet that contains a bunch of different unit types can take dozens of mouse clicks. I still think "merge all to" is the best solution.