[1] [FIXED] Trade hubs usually don't export trillum if they're being supplied by only one extractor. The hub imports only enough to meet its own needs. Connecting a second trillum extractor resolves the problem. This may happen with a few other resources (luxury goods and jumpship components?)

[2] [FIXED] Fire & Movement capitals sometimes refuse to import jumpship components through trade hubs, and instead require a direct trade route from the jumpship autofac.

[3] [FIXED] If linked hubs are set to import the same resource from one another, they can start passing large amounts of the resource around for no apparent reason.

[4] [FIXED] Planets that require fractional resources (e.g. a planet with a small % of labor allocated to building plasma towers can require <1 chronimium/watch) will bring their resource extractor structures online for a few watches when they run out or run low before they pull the resource in from a trade route. I'd suggest that either trade route demands for <10 tons of a resource work immediately when requested, without the warmup period of normal trade routes and that either fractional resource demands should always round up or trade in fractional resources should be allowed.

[5] [FIXED] Autofacs and possibly some other world types have a strange behavior where the trillum refinery structure will occasionally come online for a single watch even if they're being fully provided with trillum. This wastes labor for no reason. It may be tied to the fractional resource demands issue, but the planets in question should be pulling from stockpiles and then replenishing the stockpile through trade rather than activating the trillum refinery.

[6] [FIXED] Hazardous planets with low and/or growing populations (<1-2 billion) sometimes don't request quite enough trillum to make enough survival goods to sustain their population; this inevitably results in a death spiral. Consumer goods autofacs are especially prone to this since the CG autofac seems to get priority for trillum over the habitat structure, especially if trade route demand exceeds production capacity.

[7] [FIXED] If two consumer goods autofacs have different labor output but are set to each export the same % of demand to a hub, strange things happen if demand exceeds 2x the maximum output of the less productive autofac. The less productive autofac will start to import consumer goods back from the hub (if there is a reciprocal link- consumer goods are one of the resources that consumer goods autofacs default to importing from a hub when a link is established.) After a while, if the world is a hazardous type, the habitat structure will start underproducing survival goods and it's a death spiral from thereon out. The best solution would be to have the amount that hubs import from autofacs and extractors default to being proportional to each connected autofac's labor output.

[8] [FIXED] Yards, academies and planetary defenses don't reassign labor allocations when a resource gets cut off; for example, if a jumpship autofac is producing 50% Eldritches and 50% Adamants and gets chronimium cut off it will continue to only use 50% of its total labor to build Adamants and the remainder of the labor will be wasted. If there is a shortage of a resource needed to build a unit, unit-producing structures should automatically use the labor to build available unit types that don't require the resource and display a warning, rather than sit there wasting labor.

[9] [FIXED] As mentioned elsewhere,resource sink planets should build up larger stockpiles of irreplaceable resources they consume (components, non-native minerals) and should be able to pull from those stockpiles even when trade routes get disrupted.

george moromisato 6 Mar 2017:

I've labeled each of these bugs with a number (e.g., [1]) so I can refer to them in the comments as I resolve them.

george moromisato 7 Mar 2017:

I've fixed [8]: when a resource gets cut off, the spare labor gets re-allocated to the other products. We remember the original allocation, however, and restore it back when the resource supply resumes.

george moromisato 11 Mar 2019:

I fixed [9] in Era 5. Planets will stockpile more resources (usually 5-6 times consumption rate) when importing and when producing.

nova andromeda 11 Mar 2019:

Thanks for the fixes! I suggest a far larger stockpile for [9] for critical resources like trillum. I'd suggest 1-2 day's supply.

george moromisato 11 Mar 2019:

[5] is fixed in Era 5. The problem was that we had the same stockpile level as a trigger for both importing and production. Now we start importing before we re-start production (and we'll increase the stockpile from importing before we ever reach the production re-start threshold--unless we cannot satisfy full demand with imports).

[4] is fixed for the same reason: as we use up the stockpile, we always import first before restarting production. If imports can satisfy demand, then we never restart production.

george moromisato 12 Mar 2019:

[2] is fixed in Era 5. The problem happened if a trade hub was a lower tech level than the capital. In those cases, we would not import resources that could not be produced at the trade hub's tech level.

george moromisato 12 Mar 2019:

I fixed [3] by having trading hubs import from the closest source. For example, hub A can import food from one of its consumer goods planets, then it won't try to import it from hub B's planets. But if hub A has no consumer goods planet, then it will import form hub B if necessary.

george moromisato 12 Mar 2019:

[6] is fixed in Era 5 by prioritizing critical production before others. For example, a barren worlds designated as a CG autofac used to produce its full allocation of food, durable goods, etc. If we ran out of trillum after that, we would not have enough to produce any life support supplies.

Now we start by producing all critical resources (consuming trillum as necessary). After all critical resources have been produced, we then produce all additional resources.

george moromisato 12 Mar 2019:

[7] is fixed with all the changes in trade hub import/export.