The Problem

For players to make informed decisions about planetary designation, they need a good way to tell how far away a selected planet is from other worlds. The relevant cutoff ranges currently in the game are:

100LY: trade route without starport, jumpmissile range
200LY: trade route with starport
250LY: jumpbeacon, sector capital control radius

Players are literally measuring their screens with rulers to determine these right now.

The Solution

Display range circles on mouseover of the "Designation" button when a planet is selected. Use planet symbol hue/shade to communicate range and not just the circle boundary, since it's tricky to tell whether a planet is in range or not if it is right on the edge (you have to zoom way in to tell which side of the line a planet is on).

--imperator-- 9 Jun 2018:

Yes, I support this feature to be tagged for Era 4. Pls George...