Since individual wings take time to get hunted down and destroyed (invaders move between orbitals, defenders move between orbitals, everyone is chasing somebody else and nobody is using opportunity fire) an attack or defense strategy that uses many tiny fleets will extend combat engagements a lot if no long-range units like starfrigates are present. This is especially true for against enemies with short firing ranges, since their window to engage targets is significantly smaller.

An engagement where one side brings lots of fleets of small wings and one fleet of large wings may be unbalanced because the enemy doesn't know to prioritize attacking large dangerous wings over small ones and will waste time maneuvering and waiting for tactically useless engagements against tiny fleets.

This is highly exploitable. This condition happens naturally during the invasion of a yard or ship-building sector capital: each cycle's production can be seen to take to space as a new, tiny wing rather than joining existing wings.

A solution would be some combination of permitting opportunity fire, improving target selection priorities,allowing transports to fire back at attackers, and/or unified fleet command during battles- force all fleets to merge during attacks for the purpose of assembling wings.