Not much more can be said about this. The 'deploy' button shows up on shipless planets.

Right now the Deploy screen is still the only way to check for stockpiles of resources that are present on a planet but are not being produced/used/available via trade. For example. if a world was a jumpship autofac and you redesignate it as a trillum extractor, the only way to see if there are jumpdrives left on the planet is through Deploy.

This functionality should either be remapped to the "production" tab or there should be a separate tab, rollover element or map mode that displays stockpiles.

george moromisato 13 Jun 2018:

Stockpiled resources should probably show up in the productions tab.

nova andromeda 11 Feb 2019:

It is extremely tedious to look through the productions tab on a highly networked planted (e.g., any trade hub connected planet).