We have two primary goals for improving armor in Transcendence 1.8:

  • Balance armor items so that none are wildly over- or under-powered.
  • Increase the diversity and differentiation of armor so that more play-styles are viable.

As with weapons, we plan to balance armor by algorithmically computing a "balance" number, which will tell us whether a particular armor is over- or under-powered. We will use the results of the algorithm plus lots of play-testing to adjust armor stats.

Increasing armor diversity and differentiation is a harder, but involves adding new capabilities and new trade-offs to armor. The most important change is making armor mass affect a ship's max. speed. This will give players the choice to trade off some speed to get more hit points, or vice versa.

The following records describe these changes:

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relanat on 4/7/2017 12:29 AM:

I think rotation rate is already affected by cargo weight, is it worth having the turn rate of lighter ships affected by armor mass as well? (unless it already is)

the_shrike on 4/9/2017 11:42 PM:

I think rotation rate and acceleration are also attributes that could use looking into. Acceleration in particular is highly under-rated.