Tried to investigate the issue experienced by erwgd (
and myself
The following ways are ways I can crash* Trans (no helpful debug.log output):
1) Manually loading the High Scores (pressing H on the main menu) (first video / 05-50-18)
2) Automatically load the High Scores (e.g. loading a dead PD save, dying w/o insurance) (second video / 06-04-09)
This crash typically allows the High Scores to load properly thereafter

If high scores load (e.g. after a crash of the above:)
3) Loading High Scores, then trying to do something else (e.g. reload the high scores - pressing H three times on the main menu; trying to start a new game (third video / 05-56-36), trying to load a game after loading the High Scores (fourth video / 06-05-15)

*APPCRASH/ Exception code: 0xc0000374 (heap corruption?) / Fault offset: 0x000e6c23
This is consistent over all instances of this crash

NOTE: for some reason, with the autopilot lag bug ( active, this does not occur at all.
High scores load perfectly fine, although on my system, it's not just lag - no inputs get through i.e. the ship is stuck pressing whichever controls are active when autopilot is activated - see trans.mp4

2021-09-06 05-50-18.mp4
2021-09-06 06-04-09.mp4
2021-09-06 05-56-36.mp4
2021-09-06 06-05-15.mp4