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On a related note (still only Steam), each time I died on the first few games, the game crashed shortly after I returned to the main menu. The crashing seems to have stopped, but I think the autopilot lag started as soon as the game stopped crashing.

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Other things I noticed:
When I started playing this Beta, the music was switched off and I switched it on. When I restarted after the game crashed, the music was switched back off.

EDIT: I've been able to reproduce this once after setting VideoQuality to Minimum. I recorded a crash after dying, see attached clip.

If I set VideoQuality to standard or maximum, the game lags on autopilot, but it doesn't crash during gameplay. Instead, if I load a Perma-dead save (loading a game where I died in Permadeath) OR if I lose a game (dying or accepting xenopsychotic treatment), the game apparently crashes upon exit: the game music continues for 2-3 seconds and I see a loading circle next to the mouse cursor, then the game fully closes. If I Save and Quit a game, the game exits cleanly (music ends within 1 second, and mouse doesn't get a circle).

This issue only happens for me on 1.9 Beta 4 Steam. I don't experience it on the 1.9 Beta 4 downloaded from Kronosaur.

I have set VideoQuality to minimum again, but now the game behaves the same as when it was on standard or maximum: autopilot is laggy and the game crashes upon exit only after losing or loading a Perma-dead save.

jeremmt 27 Aug 2021:

I have pretty much the same issue - what I note is that the crash occurs when the game is trying to load the High Scores (which is also loaded at the main menu after a death). Pressing H on the main menu screen almost immediately crashes the game

george moromisato 21 days ago:

Fixed in 1.9 RC 1. Thank you!