FPS drops to 15 whenever I'm in autopilot.

This only happens on Steam, not on the normal download. I didn't have this problem when I first updated to beta 4, I only started having it after playing a few (2 to 4) new games on Permadeath difficulty.

On a related note (still only Steam), each time I died on the first few games, the game crashed shortly after I returned to the main menu. The crashing seems to have stopped, but I think the autopilot lag started as soon as the game stopped crashing. See http://ministry.kronosaur.com/record.hexm?id=96419

EDIT: This issue disappeared when I started playing again on 23 Jul, but after another crash after dying, this issue has returned upon restarting the game.

Setting VideoQuality to Minimum resulted in no autopilot lag, but game crashed after dying. I set the VideoQuality to Standard and got autopilot lag again, then after a few games returned to Minimum, but still experience autopilot lag.

erwgd 23 Jul 2021:

See attached video: FPS drops from 30 to 14-15 in autopilot.

jeremmt 27 Aug 2021:

Regarding the crashing after dying - it seems to occur when Trans is trying to load high scores, or at least shortly after
The autopilot lag on mine is horrible - it's pretty much unresponsive till taskkilling it with Task Manager.
Typically, this lasts till I restart my PC.
That being said, I've just gotten it to not lag again after loading the high scores (somehow it did so successfully), then trying to load a game, which crashed Trans (no idea why, log doesn't say anything). Then Trans restarted with no lag in the autopilot.
I'll need to see if loading the high scores / dying triggers the first crash again (EDIT: yes it does)

george moromisato 22 days ago:

I fixed a crash in a Steam background process which would explain this.