Autopilot can visually jutter in crowded areas of space, particularly in some of the larger systems...which includes starting areas like Eridani and Tau Ceti. This reduces its effectiveness, looks off, and may have negative health effects through some forms of photosensitivity. Thus it may be worth seeing if there's any extra ways to squeeze extra performance out of the engine during autopilot flight to prevent this.

(It probably isn't possible [except maybe with the OpenGL port], but if it is then it would be nice)

digarw 1 Aug 2021:

I have a very outdated computer, so it's happen usually on exceptionally large system such as ice asteroid systems or nebula systems. But in the latest beta, I occasionally experienced this on smaller system with crowded traffic.

the_shrike 1 Aug 2021:

I've also noticed it being worse in Beta 4. Might be something version-specific going on...

the_shrike 1 Aug 2021:

Annnd accidental duplicate because I didn't check first: