I think I know how this lag happens. If the star system wasn't mapped out, I could autopilot fast enough without dropping my FPS. But after I mapped all the stations in that system, it gets lag every time I start autopilot. This occurs when the objects on the map are enormous such as asteroids and stations. Mainly on large map such as earth space ice asteroids system.

I kinda suspected this caused by the new feature of station list that have been introduced in version v1.9 (or v1.8?).

the_shrike 23 Oct 2021:

...that hypothesis would explain why starting systems like Tau Ceti begin with heavy lag: they have large concentrations of stations near nav beacons that light them up immediately.

george moromisato 5 days ago:

I've made a couple of fixes that should reduce/eliminate lag. Will release a new build soon.