A text updating typo and a couple of minor points.

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Line 230.

Payment: Unknown"
Payment: Unknown

Double quotes left over from text format updating show in the Missions screen desc.


If the Hawker escorting the freighter gets destroyed after the pirate ship has been destroyed and before it can dock with the pirate ship wreck, it can't dock with the pirate wreck and collect the loot. So the pirate wreck keeps the "You hear the freighter on the comms: "Hey, remember, we're supposed to split the loot evenly. Wait til my escort gets there!"" screen even though the escort has been destroyed.

Possibly if the Hawker is destroyed the freighter could dock instead to simulate collecting the loot. And that could cancel the "...remember...Wait..." screen desc.

The mission does complete successfully anyway.


The mission will complete if the player gets back to the station before the freighter. Possibly a "You decide to wait for..." screen could be used or the freighter captain could radio their thanks rather than seem to be at the station before they dock.

relanat 26 Mar 2021:

Another glitch.
The freighter was destroyed at about the same time as the Drake. Not sure if the freighter left a wreck, didn't check.
The Hawker wingman docked with the Drake wreck and removed the "Hey...wait for it" screen but then just sat at the Drake, he never undocked.
I scuttled the Drake wreck and the Hawker still just sat there.
The mission did complete but the forlorn wingman remains there, lost and alone, to this day.

debug output

OnObjDestroyed [The Bait]: shpOrder requires target [escort] ### (shpOrder escortObj "escort" freighterObj) ###

george moromisato 1 Dec 2021:

Fixed in 1.2.2. Thanks!