Currently Transcendence have repairing experience and analyzing experience, but what about enhance/upgrade experience? It would make upgrading equipment mechanic more interesting. If player has low enhance experience, it may result failure or might damage/remove enhancement the equipped items. In contrast, higher experience could have a chance to add more bonus on enhancement (only on damage/hp bonus though). However, experience apply only on barrel enhancement, shield crystal, and weapon upgrade item. ROM or cube enhancement seems don't need experience.

This also would make more viable to increase enhancement items availability with this mechanic. See:

derakon 5 Jun 2022:

Personally, I have never really found the experience mechanic to be terribly interesting. It causes you to waste some consumables early on, and is irrelevant after that point. But at least armor repair items are widely available, and there are other ways to identify items besides using analyzers on them. So the experience system isn't really hurting the game there, it just doesn't add much.

But it would be vexing if the (extremely rare) enhancement items had a chance to fail, let alone if they could damage the weapon. In the latter case, it would probably be standard policy to buy every enhancement item you see, whether it's useful or not, just so you can apply them to random junk until you have enough experience to enhance the items you actually care about. Meanwhile, you would hold onto the enhancement items you *do* care about until you can be confident they won't be wasted. Both of these feel like negative outcomes to me.

digarw 8 Jun 2022:

That's why I'm suggesting it to increase enhancement items availability first by adding reliable source to sell them such as station dealers. On early playthrough those are pretty common to find especially on Rigel. If enhancement items become at least not too rare, then earning upgrade experience will pretty much same as repairing and analyzing experience. In repairing, you can go fight enemies and get scratched then you can spam any repairing item you have until you get expert level on repairing quickly. In analyzing, while very expensive, you also get a lot of experience if you chose not to open any unidentified item until you get analyzer.

Meanwhile in upgrading, just like you said, you can just apply them on random junk to get experience quickly. But this scenario is probably not happen very often. Instead players more likely will just progressing their upgrading experience each level. By the time on middle to late game, they will already expert level if they are onto upgrading stuff. Because after all you will not hold on kinetic weapon forever.

You also don't need to gain upgrade experience if you don't want to. I for myself not really fond of enhancement stuff. Same goes with repairing and analyzing. I instead just selling all item than using them unless I really need them.

digarw 13 Sep 2022:

I noticed there was a new feature that allows player to use all repairer and enhancer on items in cargo hold without being installed. This would create new method to generate lot of money by repairing looted damaged weapon/shield and selling them with high price. Considering weapon enhancement and shield crystal actually can repair given device with no chance to fail and is pretty cheap to buy, it's highly suggested to apply experience mechanic.