See image. An armor dealer is right next to a curator outpost.
Curator outposts have an enemy exclusion radius of 80.
stArmorDealer doesn't have any exclusion radius in the Encounter element.

If this is the cause it might be worth having a look at the other stations in CorporateHierarchy.xml. Some don't have any sort of exclusion code but this may be so they can be placed in close proximity in Eridani, Rigel and Tau Ceti.

armor exclusion.jpg
armor exclusion.jpg
george moromisato 1 Jul 2021:

I've added an exclusion radius to armor dealers in 1.9 Beta 4, but that's not really the problem.

I think the problem is that under certain circumstances, stations are getting created without regard for exclusion criteria.

This happens when we spawn void encounters (such as wrecks, etc.). We require void encounters to always be 100 light-seconds away from anything else. But if we can't find a such a spot, we create the object anyway (regardless of how close it is to anything). A better solution would be the following:

  1. Generate a random distribution of points (using whatever algorithm).
  2. If the distribution is good (matches exclusion criteria) then accept it.
  3. Otherwise, generate n more random distributions and take the best one.

I'll do this in 2.0.