Task List

[x] Ellen Quinn Mission Arc
[x] Mission 02
[ ] Mission 03
[ ] Mission CC01
[ ] Mission CC02
[ ] Mission CC03
[x] Refine selling mechanics
[x] Sell illegals at Commonwealth Residentials (with Smuggler's hold)
[x] Sell illegals at Commonwealth Colony and Armed Commonwealth Colony
[x] Sell illegals (meds only) at Commonwealth Medical Stations
[ ] Sell illegals at Corporate Metropolis (with Smuggler's hold)
[ ] Block Corporate Privateer path if joining Black Market
[ ] Block Black Market path if joining CHOC
[ ] Outlaws become friendly
[ ] Hotels tell you about other Black Market stations


                           XP TO     SYSTEM   XP PER
 1. Civilian                 200       3       70
 2. Smuggler                 400       4      100
 3. Enforcer                 900       5      180
 4. Sindikat Member        1,500       6      250
 5. Sindikat Lieutenant    7,000       7      400
 6. Sindikat Lord            -         8      600
  • You can reach level 4 (Sindikat Member, 1,500 xp) by buying illegal goods at the rate of 1 xp per 100 credits. Thus you can reach Member level by spending 150,000 credits (and presumably selling the items somewhere).
  • Black Market stations become common at system level 3 (though some are possible at level 2). There is a guaranteed station in Rigel Aurelius and in Silla.
  • Black Market shipyards are common at system level 5 and 6 and rare at levels 7 and 8. There is a guaranteed station in Sanctuary.

Buying/Selling Mechanics

You can gain XP for buying illegal goods from the Black Market. We track how much you've bought and sold. We need to fix a few things:

  • The tracking of buy/sell needs to exclude equipment installed by the player. E.g., buying a Smuggler's cargo hold. But we still want to be able to profit from selling weapons and illegal devices.
  • Not all stations buy all illegal items. We should rethink this to either make it consistent or to simplify the set of items bought.


  • Mission 02: Attack an enemy of the Black Market (any destructive chaos sovereign).
  • Mission 03: Escort a transport from a stargate back to Black Market station; defend against militia ships.
  • Mission CC01: Hunt down an ex-smuggler/double-agent and terminate.
  • Mission CC02: Defend station against CHOC raid.
  • Mission CC03: Attack a CHOC staging platform.


  • Once player is promoted to Sindikat Member, the Outlaws become friendly.
  • Destroying an Outlaw station is the same as destroying a Black Market Station.
  • Docking at an Outlaw station allows you to buy/sell items and has some dock services.
  • Eventually you should get missions (e.g., escort transports).

Corporate Privateers

Being a Corporate privateer conflicts with being a Sindikat member. One cannot be both.

  • If the player is a Sindikat Member or above, then they no longer get Corporate privateer missions (due to the player's shady reputation).
  • If the player has any rank in the Black Market when asking for a Corporate privateer mission, then they get warned that any further activity in the Black Market will result in dismissal (no more missions). After that warning, we check to see if the player accepted any new Black Market missions, and if so, we blacklist the player.
  • If the player is Special Agent or above as a privateer (level 4) then they do not get any more Black Market missions (due to fears the player is undercover).
  • If the player has any rank as a privateer when asking for a Black Market mission, then they get warned that any further missions for the corporations will result in enmity (bounty hunters sent out).
nagareboshi 9 Mar 2020:

I think it's also good to have a questline where a high ranking in the Black Market would allow you to engage in a one-time questline about the re-creation and testing of a powerful weapon that was branded as extremely-illegal by the commonwealth and was hidden from official history due to how brutal the weapon was.

The mission should involve stealing of the schematics, defending the ships that would be delivering the components needed to build the weapon, and etc.

This idea is inspired by the notorious weapon named Dáinsleif in the Iron-blooded Orphans Gundam anime. The weapon is too powerful and too brutal that vast efforts were made in order to hide it from history and make it extremely illegal.