This record describes API changes in 1.9 Alpha 4.

Station Types


The paintLayer= option on a <StationType> lets you control how the station will paint. We support the following values:

  • paintLayer="overhang": The station paint above all other ships and stations. E.g., we use this for the overhang sections of the Battle Arena.
  • paintLayer="bringToFront": Starting in API 48 you can use this option to paint a station on top of its parent station. This only works for stations created with the segment="true" option.
  • paintLayer="sendToBack": Same as above, but forces the station to paint behind its parent.

You may use the 'paintLayer property to get or set these values at run-time.


When creating a station with image variants, you may assign each variant a text ID and later refer to that variant by ID. For example:

<StationType ...
      <Image id="var1" imageID=.../>
      <Image id="var2" imageID=.../>
      <Image id="var3" imageID=.../>

Later when spawning a station in a system, you may refer to the ID. Or you may set the variant using the 'imageVariant property.


  • Added 'noFriendlyFire property to stations.
  • Added 'imageVariant property to stations.