• Regular achievements: Title and description are visible to the player while locked
  • Secret achievements: Only the Title is visible to the player while locked


  • You Only Live Twice (secret): Use an insurance policy to resurrect yourself.
  • Dig Your Own Grave (secret): Be arrested for a crime that your insurance policy can't cover.
  • Paralyzer: Destroy 100 ships that are paralyzed.
  • Blindshot: Destroy 100 ships while blinded
  • Damage Control: Install a damaged armor segment at the Tinkers.
  • Nanomachines, Son! (secret): Apply regenerating nanos to all your armor segments.
  • Eye of the Hurricane: Discover Elysium
  • Fusionfire4Hire: Install a Fusionfire Howitzer, High-speed howitzer loader, and Lithium Booster
  • Heliotropics: Install a Solar Panel Array and full Solar armor
  • Armored Core (secret): Install full Heavy Iocrym Armor
  • Daemon Slayer: Destroy 50 Steel slavers (via alternative methods) while under the effect of Broken Arms
  • Acid Trip (secret): Loot and install a Penitent Cannon
  • There Will Be Blood (secret): Kill and loot 50 Ferians
  • Almighty Dollar (secret): Destroy a Corporate station, and then destroy a Corporate Cruiser
  • The Invisible Hand (secret): Destroy a Corporate station and suffer the consequences (get destroyed by a Corporate Cruiser).
  • Rotten to the Core (secret): Complete the game with an active criminal record for Commonwealth, Corporate, Black Market, and Ringers.
  • H34V3N && H311 (secret): Visit Eternity Port in Stars of the Pilgrim.
  • A Lamplighter Upon The Deep (secret): Acquire the Lamplighter Archcannon
  • Warping Warpath (secret): Destroy two enemy stations that are at least 500 light-seconds apart within 30 seconds of each other (using a Transpace Jumpdrive).
nagareboshi 9 Mar 2020:

Good idea!
I think an Achievements system could also be used to guide new players on what they should do (similar to Minecraft's achievements system)

0xabcdef 15 Jul 2021:

Update: Added some new names