Credit to durbanator for this one. Reported in the "1.8 Beta 3 is Ready!" forum topic. Also for the other 5 Heretic tickets because I wouldn't have seen them if I wasn't investigating this bug.

If the Svalbard Explorer is destroyed in Heretic, usually by pteravores, Kate is supposed to jump in the playership so she can set up a research base in the Iocrym Control Point.

But docking at the Iocrym station only shows the default station dockscreen. Kate never establishes a base there.

Looks like <OnCreate> in &msHereticControlPoint; (Heretic02.xml) needs objData 'stationMaster for the Iocrym station to be set as 'kateMorgental to start the mission.
This happens in &msHereticSvalbard;, the 'Save Kate from the pteravores' mission, but not when the player comes from the Svalbard wreck.

george moromisato 9 Dec 2018:

Fixed in 1.8 Beta 4. Thanks!