There needs to be a way to see what the ID the highlighted slot is. Suggested syntax and return values are:

(scrGetDeviceSlotID screen) -> slotID|nil


id (such as "topturret" on the Minotaur)
armor armorPos
george moromisato 10 Oct 2018:

In 1.8 Beta 4 I've enhanced (scrGetListEntry screen) to return the slot ID. We return a struct with the following fields:

type: Either installedItem or emptySlot
category: item category (weapon, launcher, etc.)
id: slot ID (or nil)
item: the item (if installed)

NOTE: The id only appears for installed items because we don't show all empty slots. In the future, all slots with IDs should show up, whether empty or not.

assumedpseudonym 10 Oct 2018:

 I’m reopening this until it’s able to check empty slots, since I’m going to need that in particular.

george moromisato 10 Oct 2018:

That's cool. That will not happen until 1.9 at the earliest.

assumedpseudonym 10 Oct 2018:

 I’m patient. (Actually I’m not, but I’m good at waiting. Subtle but distinct difference, heh…)

wolfy 27 Jun 2020:

Is it possible to get the slotID information from the slotID? (Ex, position, angle, etc)

george moromisato 21 days ago:

I'm no longer sure what the request is here. You can use (scrGetListEntry...) on an empty slot to see what kind of slot it is (launcher, shields, etc.). Just try it.

You can't get the slotID of an empty slot because it doesn't have a slotID. We won't know the slotID until you put a device on it.

Can you confirm that you have what you need? If not, please explain more and reopen.