Hello there! I am playing on my Steam copy of Transcendence, using 1.8 Beta 2, and I was doing the CSC Antarctica mission (given to me by Admiral Decker). Found them, destroyed them with a barrage of M5 Nemesis missiles, then I get back to the CSC Terra but all I get when I dock is an error message "ERROR: Antarctica status:". Thing is, I destroyed the Antarctica all by myself (even though I docked with her before and had a talk with the Captain, but then sided with Decker). So I guess no more Lamplighter for me.
EDIT: sorry if this is the wrong section or whatnot, first bug report ever for me after not having played for a looong time. Furthermore, I am playing with both Corporate Command and Eternity Port installed, which could have made things more unstable

Screenshot (8).png
Screenshot (8).png
nms 30 Jul 2018:

Looks like this was caused by the same bug as this issue, which was recently fixed in the development version. But thanks for reporting!

If your game is unregistered, you can run the game in debug mode and enter
(typSetData 0x100238 'status 'destroyedByPlayer)
in the console to fix the mission result. Since you've been debriefed, enter
(typSetData 0x1004B4 'status 'player)
(msnAccept (msnCreate 0x1004B4 (objGetTarget gPlayerShip)))
with the Terra targeted to get access to the Lamplighter in dock services. If your game is registered, George can convert it to unregistered, I think.

guglif 31 Jul 2018:

Thank you so very much for the quick answer! I will try that immediately. Just in case, how can I ask George to "unregister" my game? Via e-mail, sending the .sav gamefile?
EDIT: Unfortunately, the gamefile is registered. I am tempted to start from scratch, but just in case, how do I get it unregistered?
EDIT #2: Uploaded it here

nms 1 Aug 2018:

You're welcome. I probably check Ministry more often than he does, so emailing [email protected] might get a quicker response. Or ask about it during the Twitch stream tomorrow (twitch.tv/kronosaurproductions at 4 PM Pacific).

george moromisato 1 Aug 2018:

I've emailed out a de-registered save file.

BTW: This can be done with TransData. Go to the game directory on Steam (C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTranscendence) and type:

> TransData /clearRegistered /gameFile:Games\William-0035.sav
guglif 6 Aug 2018:

Update on my Lamplighter adventure: seems like every time I load the unregistered gamefile it registers again as soon as I get into the game, thus preventing me from opening the debug window. I've tried pretty much every combination (close Steam client; de-register the game then open it with a non-steam copy of the beta etc.) and still nothing. Odd. Anyways, I've started another game and I'm pretty much back at the same level, and in this one the debug window works so I am sure that even if I get into the same bug again I'll be ok this time! Thank you for the assistance!

george moromisato 13 Aug 2018:

Fixed in 1.8 Beta 3.