This record describes API changes in 1.8 Beta 3.


  • Added +efficient:n enhancement, where n is the percent value to increase or decrease power consumption. For example, +efficient:20 = (100 - 20) = 80% power consumption. Conversely, -efficient:20 = (100 + 20) = 120% power consumption.
  • <GetName> event on items gets aFlags variable (as a list of strings) representing the flags passed in to GetNounPhrase.
  • Added option to compare items without regard for data or other state. See objHasItem and objRemoveItem.
  • Added +unknownType:unid; for item criteria to select unknown items of certain types.

Repair Devices

  • Added compartmentRegen= parameter to repair interior HP.


  • Added +omnidirectional enhancement to weapons. -omnidirectional will remove omni/swivel from a weapons (turn it into a fixed weapon). You may also add swivel with +omnidirectional:n where n is the fire arc in degrees.
  • Added repeatingDelay= option for weapons to control delay between repeating shots.
  • Added consumeAmmoPerRepeatingShot= option to consume ammo per shot (as opposed to per burst).
  • Added <GetAmmoToConsume> event for weapons that want to control how much ammo to consume.
  • Added timeStop damage.


  • Added MiningComputer as equipment.
  • Added showMapLabel property for ships.
  • Added <OnDockObjDestroyed> when the station that a ship is docked at is destroyed.
  • Added objGetCondition to test for various conditions, such as disarmed.


  • Added showMapOrbit property for stations.
  • Added explored property for stations.


  • Added timeStop="true" parameter for overlays.


  • Added criteria to system filters.
  • Systems can have <EnhanceAbilities> element to confer enhancements to any object in the system.
  • Added criteria to sysGetNodes.
  • Allow vector in sysAddEncounterEvent.
  • Added lastVisitOn property to nodes.
  • Added lastVisitSeconds property to nodes.
  • sysGetItemBuyPrice takes an optional type criteria to filter buying objects.


  • In <ParticleSystem> effects, the radiate type now honors the spreadAngle= parameter.


  • Most event now define gType to be the type on which the event fired.
  • When an object is responsible for destroying another object, it gets an <OnDestroyObj> event.
  • When defining a <Power>, you can place appropriate elements in the <Events> section: <OnShow>, <OnInvokedByPlayer>, <OnInvoke>.
  • Removing an event handler from a ship restores the handler defined in the ship class (if any).
  • <GetGlobalAchievements> can now return a struct with fields: descID (or desc), sectionID (or section), and valueID (or value).


  • (fmtNoun ...) takes optional name pattern.
  • Added showBounds to (dbgSet ...).