This record describes API changes in 1.8 Beta 2.


  • Added <OnObjGateCheck> event when an object tries to enter a gate. The event may return Nil to prevent the object from entering. For example, you can use this to prevent the player from entering a gate.


  • Weapons can define explosionType=. If a ship is destroyed by that weapon, the given explosion effect is created (as opposed to the default explosion for that ship).
  • Disintegration now has a chance of success equal to (2 * D * D) + 2, where D is the disintegration value.
  • Added +tracking as an enhancement to weapons.
  • If any item has shipChargesInUseMenu="true", then we show charges on the item instead of a count of items. This is useful for analyzer, e.g.
  • Added tradeID property for items, which returns attribute used for trading computations (e.g., human.basicFood).
  • Armor is disintegration immune at level 15 and above.
  • Armor is shatter immune at level 19 and above.
  • Added canBeDisabled option for cargo holds.


  • <Communications> elements can use id= as if they were dock screen actions. This allows for specifying labels in <Language> elements.
  • Added escapeQuotes flag for itmGetName to display item names with embedded quotes in dock screen.
  • Added syntax for gendered words in <Language> strings: "%he:var%" turns to either "he" or "she" depending on (@ gData 'var).


  • Added recordNonPlayer= parameter to prevent deletion of a non-player mission.
  • Added totalAccepted property.
  • Added totalExisting property.


Device Fate

When defining a device slot on a ship, you can specify what happens to the device when the ship is destroyed. The fate= attribute on a device slot can have the following values:

  • alwaysComponetized: The device drops as components (if any).
  • alwaysDamaged: The device always drops damaged.
  • alwaysDestroyed: The device is always destroyed.
  • alwaysSurvives: The device always survives intact.
  • default: The default behavior happens.

Other Changes

  • Added <EnhancementAbilities> to device slots, to confer enhancements to the installed device.
  • <Hull> element in <ShipClass> type can define timeStopImmune and cyberDefenseLevel.
  • Added <Wreck> element to define wreck properties.
  • Ships with interior HP are immune to disintegration.
  • Added playerBlacklisted property (whether the ship has blacklisted the player).
  • Added extraPowerUse property for installed devices, which will cause device to consume extra power.
  • Added cargoSpaceFreeKg and cargoSpaceUsedKg for ship to return cargo space in kilograms.


  • When a <SystemType> places a station (with <Station>), you can use eventHandler= to specify an event handler for that station.
  • Added cannotBeHit= parameter to <StationType>.
  • Elements in a ship table can have build="true" if that entry should be built (instead of enter via stargate).

Systems & Topology

  • Added uncharted="true" to stargates in topology. This prevents a stargate connection from being revealed without actually passing through it.
  • Added deferCreate= to topology nodes to prevent creation of a system until the player enters it.

VFX and Graphics

PNG Support

PNG images are now supported; alpha channels on PNG images are automatically applied (no need to specify a separate mask). Note, however, that PNGs are significantly larger than JPEGs (due to lossless compression).


In API 41 you can create an effect with sysCreateEffect and set parameters at create-time. For example, you can create a <Ray> effect and set the length at runtime:

(sysCreateEffect someUNID anchorObj pos rotation { length:27 })


Added <ImageFilters> element to <SystemType> to define a system with custom filter effects.

Other Changes

  • Added lightning style to <Orb>.
  • Stations can have images with rotations (as if they were ships).


New Functions

  • msnGetTypeData
  • msnSetTypeData
  • rollChance
  • sysGetStargateProperty
  • uiIsKeyPressed

Other Changes

  • Added numberReal to fmtNumber to format real numbers to default precision.
  • Added +itemAttribute:{attrib} as a special criteria.