What is Hexarc?

Hexarc is an integrated software stack for implementing web applications. It includes a high-performance web server, a powerful server-side scripting language, and a robust NoSQL database. The tight integration between these components allows for a simple and intuitive development environment without sacrificing power or scalability.

Hexarc was developed by Kronosaur Productions to host our primary servers. The Anacreon server (https://anacreon.kronosaur.com), the Multiverse (https://multiverse.kronosaur.com), and the Ministry of Records (https://ministry.kronosaur.com) are all implemented on top of Hexarc.

See: https://hexarc.com for more information.

What can I use Hexarc for?

Hexarc is designed to host web sites and web applications. If you're considering creating a web application or a server that communicates via HTTP, then consider using Hexarc. Hexarc is an alternative to software stacks such as Apache/MySQL/PHP.

At Kronosaur Productions we use Hexarc to implement the Anacreon server, to host the Multiverse, and to implement the Ministry of Records.

What's so special about Hexarc?

Hexarc has been designed from the beginning as an integrated software stack.

There are huge advantages to cobbling together separate pieces of software to create a web application. For example, you can use Apache to talk to web browsers, PHP to implement your business logic, and MySQL to store your data. There is nothing wrong with that: each is a best-of-breed application with a full set of features.

But the main problem with that approach is complexity. The seams between the different apps sometimes show through, and unless you intimately understand the subtleties of each software package, you will be battling complexity. Why is the page not showing? Is it a bad rule in the URL re-writer? Is it a permission problem in the file system? Is it bad PHP code? You'll spend lots of time figuring it out.

In contrast, Hexarc presents a unified application model in which server, scripting language, and database all cooperate. The model is simpler, because we don't have to worry about non-web apps, and the integration reduces complexity. The result is a streamlined application model with just the features you need.

How do I try out Hexarc?

Right now the only way to try it out is to compile it from sources. See: Hexarc Development Environment.

How do I contribute to the development of Hexarc?

If you're interesting in contributing to the source code, please email [email protected]. There are an infinite number of enhancements and features that we could add, and we could use all the help we can get.