As described by CaleyM on the forums:

An exploit to negate starfrigates' firing range advantage with other ship classes:

"retreat and attack until they spawn close to the starfrigates" (this is talking about either jumping out and back into the system, or waiting until the wings are close on the visualizer before declaring an attack.)

Another such exploit:

"If you start an attack, set the orbit low, then retreat, the ships will dive unmolested. You can resume the attack when they are under the satellites and in range of whatever would have got first strike at range. So you can completely bypass the range of starfrigates if you have the initiative."

A third exploit, to tie down units and prevent them from leaving a system:

"I also exploited by instantly re-attacking his eldritch fleet with my stingers every time he clicked retreat."

One claimed hypothetical exploit he describes using Adamants doesn't appear to make logical sense: "10,000 Adamants could take out 300k Gorgos in 900 shot turns", since that many Gorgos would be fully protected against 10k Adamants' missiles.

The combat declaration-based exploits could be addressed if, once a wing has been involved in an attack at a planet, it is regarded as hostile and remains an active target for the planet's defenders until it is destroyed or leaves the system. Cancelling an attack should immediately issue an order to withdraw all attackers to a safe location (either high or low orbit depending on who is attacking), and it shouldn't cause hostilities to bilaterally end (after a declaration, firing shouldn't stop if units are in range of one another until somebody jumps out, and you shouldn't be able to stop people from jumping out unless this is somehow desirable behavior).