This tag should be visible in the [U]se menu. This would be handy for things like figuring out which analyzer to use without checking them all. I'm not sure if there are any items for which the number of charges should be secret, but if so this could be an option rather than applying to all items.


assumedpseudonym 5 Aug 2015:

 Cash ROMs use charges to determine how many credits they have, if memory serves. This might require adding an attribute — showCharges or some such — to items that should have their charges displayed.

Per the discussion in this thread, it seems like there is a lot of interest in adding two properties to any item with charges (as described by JohnBWatson):
- showNumCharges(default: false), which governs whether the number of 'charges' an item has is shown when browsing the inventory of a ship or station.

- unusableWhenNoCharge(default: true), which causes the item to only be treated as (u)sable when it has one or more charges remaining."

Perhaps showNumCharges could also show charges from the Use menu

the_shrike 12 Feb 2017:

A third (more niche) property that was discussed as well but missed from the roundup would be

-DestroyWhenNoCharge (default: false), which destroys the item entirely when it runs out of charge

Note: Doing this manually right now with code doesn't work with installed weapons, so that would require engine support for that.

megas 12 Feb 2017:

Showing charges may not always be desirable, if one wants difficult id-by-use game mechanics. For example, does the player really know how many charges his wand of fireballs has left? In other words, hiding charges should be an option, if a developer wants that.

megas 17 Feb 2017:

Also, there are devices that can use charges as hidden data, and I would not want number of charges shown for such items. Recently, support for weapon variants based on charges instead of level or ammo was added.

re: megas' concerns, the default for showNumCharges would be "false"

relanat 24 Mar 2018:

Expanding this a bit with some related ideas.

Another idea is to have patch spiders show installed or uninstalled state in the image in the Use menu. ATM you can get a mix of installed, uninstalled, damaged and undamaged in the menu which all look the same. It gets a bit confusing.

EDIT: Also consideration should be given to the 'B' menu. If charges appear in item images they might also appear in this menu.

george moromisato 22 Sep 2019:

Fixed in 1.8