If the player invokes Restore while the ship's shield is disabled, the shield isn't properly charged. EDIT: In this situation, Domina should repair armor instead.

Stations and repair kits can repair armor segments at 0 hp (1.7 alpha), but Restore can't. Restore should be able to repair armor regardless of its damage level.

It would also be nice if the player could choose from a dockscreen whether to let Domina restore armor or shields. Currently, Domina only repairs armor if a shield isn't installed. Since armor is tougher than shields, the current Domina functionality biases the player toward playing without a shield installed.

Here's a mod with the proposed changes:


nms on 5/18/2018 4:54 AM:

Rebalanced to restore shields and armor (regardless of damage), but limit the amount of armor repair:

If restoring unlimited shields (George's change) is too good or being capped at 500 armor, reduced by half the amount of shields restored (mine) is too weak, I'm open to suggestions.

See also Domina’s Restore power does not repair severely damaged armor.

george moromisato on 8/15/2018 4:15 AM:

Merged into 1.8 Beta 2. Thanks!