Even if the player has the required rank to escort and there are freighters docked at the stations no missions are given out to the player. He also isnt offered the destory charon pirates fortress missions.
I think the problem lies with "30% of the time we leave the system":
Lines 1490ff KorolovShipping.xml

(if (or (leq (random 1 100) 30) (not portsLeft))

I think the chance for a "gatemission" should be the %tage of friendly stations to gates or something like that. That would prevent the game from not being able to find a suitable destination for that mission.

cfg on 2/22/2016 4:18 PM:

What I had in mind was something like "if there are no friendly stations send a freighter 100% of the time to a gate" - if the issue really lies here.

Well I have no skills at TransList, but thought of something like:

bock ( totalDests gateList gateCount )
(setq gateList (sysFindObject gSource "G -uncharted;"))
(setq totalDests (count ( append ( gateList (sysFindObject gSource "TAF +populated; -occupation; -uncharted;")))))
(setq gateCount count (gateList))
(if (or (leq (random 1 100) (div (gateCount totalDests))) (not portsLeft))
; ...

shane j. filomena on 3/29/2016 6:12 AM:

Korolov hasn't really changed very much ( unlike so much ), with the only serious changes being the Port count / traffic call ( which took place ages ago ) I have not found a problem with the code or the working station

If the Player isn't offered a job and freighters are docked, it is usually because those aren't the proper freighters for the player.
every freighter has a rule of escort, the player must fit into those rules.

Also, the station Can go after the Fortress without the player ( or a random encounter could kill the fortress ) resulting in no missions for the player.

*I have 4 new shipping systems built on the 2016 station in 1.7.1 A ( updated ) - they are all working fine.

george moromisato on 7/29/2017 8:34 PM:

In 1.8 Alpha 3, if there are no friendly stations, we always create mission to pick up a freighter at a stargate.