This is the proposed feature set for Transcendence 1.7, due for release in 2016.

NOTE: This is a development spec for a future release. Due to time constraints, the final release will probably drop or alter some features listed here. This spec may contain spoilers, so please be sensitive.


Transcendence 1.7 will be a minor release focusing on gameplay enhancements. We have four major goals for the release:

  • Controls and UI: Improvements to basic ships controls, possibly including mouse controls, plus improvements to dock services, galactic map, etc.
  • Missions and Sub-Plots: More interactions with the denizens of the Transcendence universe.
  • Gameplay Improvements: Improved balance and better pacing.
  • Steam Features: Support for achievements and the Workshop.

1.7 will also include many API changes to support the release of Part II.