When docking at them with a NAMI, you'll have the choice of the absolutely *terrifying* KM1110, the mighty KM100, and other similarly useless missiles. They should stock the XM300, KM550 and XM900.

(Spotted by watching stream)

johnbwatson on 12/9/2015 3:55 AM:

Yeah, I saw(and reported) that too. Might want to go over the CSCs and ensure that everything in their loot tables has a logical reason for being there.

I'd say that only the Terra should have a Hyperion in its hold, given that the Fleet has nothing that would logically need one in game right now, and they're about expensive enough to buy a whole new CSC.

The ammo appears to be generated somehow rather than placed in the hold directly, in a similar manner to the dock service screen's reactors. This code could do to be completely revamped. I would argue, however, that as a military ship, the CSCs should only offer ammunition that is fielded by the Fleet itself. They're not privately owned, after all, so they have no reason to carry around tons upon tons of explosives for the sole purpose of selling to passers by, even if they do hire the occasional privateer. I'm not saying that the Fleet needs to have an in - game use for each type of ammunition they carry around, but there ought to be a story justification - a ship that uses this type of missile and just isn't seen in-game.

george moromisato on 2/12/2016 4:35 AM:

Fixed in 1.7 Alpha 1.