The way Anacreon is currently played, it's hard for players to manually fire jumpmissiles at times when they would be most effective since players are usually AFK. In Era 2, autofiring at orbiting, invading fleets was often ineffectual since the tactical environment favored massive Eldritch and Gorgos fleets (ships with missile protection can intercept incoming jumpmissiles when in orbit, but not when in transit.) In Era 3 the situation is improved a lot but fleets can still bait citadels into expending their entire arsenal.

In long or interminable games, players should have the option to give a citadel one or more standing orders that determine the conditions under which jumpmissiles are auto-fired. Some of these orders should produce a visible warning to other players in the form of an icon over or near the citadel; others can be ambiguous. Citadels should display their firing range by default to all players.

These could include:

SELF DEFENSE: Citadels defend themselves: this means they should auto-fire without penalty at any starship- or jumpship-speed incoming foreign fleet in deep space that has the citadel marked as its destination and contains jumptransports. This presupposes that jumpmissiles aren't destroyable from space; they currently get attacked during invasions, which I believe to be a bug. Self Defense should not generate a warning icon when active and should be a default order unless deactivated.

ZONE DEFENSE: Auto-fire on fleets invading the empire's worlds. This should not generate a warning icon when active and should be a default order unless deactivated.

JUMPSHIP INTERCEPT: Until SRMs are implemented, citadels should get an option to automatically fire jumpmissiles at jumpship-speed fleets pathing to allied worlds within the citadel's zone of control. (In the original Anacreon, SRMs were a construction that destroyed jumpships passing through a sector.) Jumpship fleets passing through a citadel's radius but not pathing to allied worlds should not be fired on, or it'll become impossible to move fleets around in big games. Jumpship Intercept should generate a warning icon when active

STARSHIP INTERCEPT: Same as Jump Intercept, for capship-speed fleets (containing at least one starfrigate or starcruiser). Starship Intercept should not generate a warning icon when active and should be a default order unless deactivated.

STARSHIP CONTROL: Citadels automatically fire jumpmissiles at any capship-speed fleet entering its attack range, regardless of the fleet's destination. Starship Control should generate a warning icon when active. It would allow players to control chokepoints that result from nebula geometry; maybe safe conduct passes could be issued to and retracted from friendly empires.

FOREIGN PLANET INTERCEPT: Auto-fire on jump or capship-speed fleets pathing to a foreign world. This could create all sorts of interesting scenarios with players covering nearby Mesophon hubs, nearby enemy planets, allied planets, etc. Foreign Planet Intercept should generate a warning icon on both the targeted planet and the citadel when active.


It might also be cool to have a high-tech buildable structure (maybe TL 9 or higher) that conceals or falsifies how many jumpmissiles are present on a citadel. This structure would require continuous resource input, preferably nebular resources.

Perhaps jumpmissile range could be tied to citadel TL, with higher TL citadels getting augmented range.

In the original Anacreon, base worlds (basically citadels) anecdotally benefited from University tech uplifts faster than other planet classes. Perhaps this could be duplicated by reducing foundation trade route range but allowing Citadels to relay foundation TLs to other planets within their firing range under certain doctrines (S&H?).

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