I'm currently in the Heretic system. I escorted the Svalbard Explorer around the stations around the star, and destroyed the Pteravores. But now the mission isn't progressing further. Instead, the explorer heads to the stargate to the previous system, and leaves. If I leave through the stargate as well and then return, the Svalbard Explorer does the same thing again, apparently stuck in a loop. I tested several times and exited the game a couple times, hoping it would work right, but it has not. Does anyone know what's gone wrong here?

relanat 11 Nov 2023:

No idea what happened. The Svalbard Explorer was under 'gate' orders for some reason.
It will respawn at system center whenever you re-enter the Heretic system.
Mission data 'status was 'doneExploring as expected.
Mission data 'prevStatus was also 'doneExploring. Can't see how that happened unless it was in the respawning of the Explorer on re-entry to the system.
The 'timer mission data was 0.

I cancelled the 'gate order on the Svalbard Explorer and docked with it. Undocking fired the "OnInProgressUndock" event which sends Kate off to the Heretic Control Point.
Everything works fine after that.

Fixed sav here: https://ministry.kronosaur.com/record.hexm?id=102498

@iconian, dock at the Control Point after Kate gets there and enter the Central Chamber. Then undock and redock and enter the Central Chamber again. The quarantine will be disabled and you can then head off to tackle the big boss.

mrnoseybonk 4 Jan 2024:

So, you repsoned to this issue, why can't you respond and fix the game ruining "undefined object references" savefile problem so many of us are reporting?