Free game version, 1.9.2.

Bugged Katami rescue mission may have lead to a broken savegame later in the game.

During the mission, the ship of Kate Morgental became stuck.
Kate left the arena, turned towards the black market, engaged thrusters, bounced on the exterior arena wall that was in the way, turned towards the arena entrance, went in, remaining stuck inside in a loop constantly bouncing on the wall, backing away and turning towards the same wall direction, close to the arena exit.

I destroyed the ship protecting the black market, left the system hoping for Kate to become unsutck, but Kate ship disappeared after coming back in the system.
I then destroyed the black market myself but still no Kate anywhere, and quest was stuck "waiting for Kate".
Tried to quit game and reload but still no change. Decided then to abandon the mission.

Later in the game, after St. Katharine Star, savegame became corrupted, and debug log reports this:
WARNING: Unresolved object ignored: 1c5b0
Unresolved object: 1c5b0
GamesNicolas-0651.sav: System a: Undefined object references
Unable to load game.

I suspect this was caused by the disappeared Kate ship, but I'm not sure.

Previous working saves debug log have only these 2 errors, but they may just be about different stuff:
Unable to add ship order 1 to ship class 3003; no target specified
ERROR: shpOrder escort target already destroyed.

I uploaded the broken savegame at the bottom, or here in alternative:

I hope there is a way to repair the save, other than restart the game, but that's not a big problem ;)