I watched Transcendence playthrough by Ddubsquizzee recently and at one video he complained about how he not able to see his current Rin money without him docking at Ringers. I agree with him, because we often wasting time travelling to appropriate stations just to see our money on other currencies. We need to add some kind of player's info on ship dockscreen or perhaps revamp ship configuration to also display personal inventories. This should include:

  • Money with available currency (Credits, Rin, Euro, Yuan).
  • Military ID and Black Market ID. Perhaps identification chip should be able implemented and stored on player data (just like install Targeting computer but specifically on player) instead of being an item in cargo. This also will prevent players to accidentally jettison the ID.
  • Ranks (Domina, Black Market, Fleet, etc).
  • Installed ship equipments; also include targeting computer, visual enhancements, trading computer.
  • Achievements and necessary stats.
  • And more (Insurance status, repairing experience, analyzing experience)