The four setups the Slicer can have vary wildly in their combat capabilities. This makes the final battle of the Arena a bit unfair: you can prepare all you like, but there's a chance that you'll get very unlucky on the dice rolls.

In particular Setup 2 (RK15 +100%) and Setup 4 (Makayev launcher) have massively more DPS potential than setups 1 and 3 (which both have unenhanced RK15s). A secondary RK15 at full RoF is terrifying enough without doubling its damage,and the Makayev launcher is pretty much designed for short-range fighting and only has the minor downside (which the RK15 setups lack) of needing to be pointed in the right direction. I feel we should have greater consistency in damage potential, even if different loadouts change how the battle plays out.

...speaking of: There is a 2.5% chance that the Slicer spawns with a Makayev launcher and red strelkas (25% chance for Makayev launcher, 10% chance of nukes if a Makayev launcher is installed). Since the arena explicitly doesn't like military weapons now (and also it's deeply unfair) this should probably be removed.