Zoanthropes follow the strong. Let's suppose that some Zoanthropes may have a sense of spirituality, believing in a "greater strong" that exists in more abstract form. Depending on how you see it, Domina can be considered very strong. Domina has magical powers and long-distance communication and influence over various people - including the player, who is also strong.

Suppose there exist Zoanthropes that we can consider *Domina-sensitive* (borrowing the term Force-sensitive from Star Wars). They might know that out there is something even greater than human strength or firepower. These Zoanthropes are at least (semi-)aware of Domina in some way. They may be capable of receiving communications from Domina. They may even be capable of invoking Domina's powers.


Easter Eggs

  • if you invoke Circle of Wrath, it will immediately cause certain nearby zoanthropes to follow you. These zoanthrope followers can be considered Domina-sensitive.
  • Domina-sensitive Zoanthropes have a chance of resurrecting when destroyed - this is a reference to the special ability of the Pkunk Fury in Star Control 2, as well as how Domina resurrects the player.

Story Ideas

  • Under Dwarg control, every zoanthrope follows a master - however, one zoanthrope believes that their master is Domina. This zoanthrope escaped Dwarg control and wanders in search of Domina, unaware that Domina is not a person but a deity that lives at the Galactic Core. When the player meets this zoanthrope, they become a unique wingmate who is capable of invoking powers in unison with the player.