When I heard that you were buffing the Auton Bay, having it literally print money wasn't something i expected!
On a more serious note, Dyrewulfe found out that the Auton Bay printed out 2500 credits every once in a while, and i recorded it happening on my own copy, clip coming up soon.

Transcendence 2022-02-18 15-58-33.mp4
the_shrike 19 Feb 2022:

I am genuinely fascinated to find out what's behind this one.

dyrewulfe 19 Feb 2022:

Did some poking around with this, and the amount varies depending on the ship it's installed on. And it's apparently got a credit threshold where it stops... This some left over easy money dev hack from working on autons/squadron?

Edit: Actually... Having thought more on this, might this have to do with the trade service interface on the auton bay pulling in some sort of defaults, and getting funding restocked(and paying it to the player?)

And another edit: Removing the trade service stops the income flow.

george moromisato 19 Feb 2022:

Nice catch! Yes, I believe it is related to the trade service. By default, the trade service replenishes stations with cash so they can buy stuff. Must be triggering on the auton bay.

george moromisato 3 Mar 2022:

Merged PR from @0xabcdef. Will release in 1.9.2

Thank you!