Couple of minor points in the 'Repair items' screen at the Rasier factories.
1. Repaired items still show a 'damaged' tag.
2. Repairing a second weapon requires entering the repair screen again as the player is navigated back to the main dockscreen after each repair.

Have at least two damaged Rasier weapon either installed or in the cargo hold.
Dock with a Rasier manufacturing plant.
Select "Repair items".
Select "Repair item".
The screen description changes to "...repaired successfully." but the item still shows a 'damaged' tag in the itempicker list.
Select "Continue".
The player is now navigated back to the main dockscreen and has to reselect "Repair items" to repair another item.

When an item is repaired we could maybe navigate to a screen which shows the repaired weapon so the damaged tag disappears.
Or a screen or pane refresh would make the repaired item disappear and leave only additional damaged weapons showing.

On selecting "Continue" in this pane the played is sent back to the main dockscreen even if other damaged items are available to be fixed.
It would be better IMO to remain in the same pane so additional items can be repaired if desired.