I'm using ShipClassOverride on both base classes and classes that inherit from bases.

It appears that if you do not include the graphics in the base class override, the ships that inherit from that sometimes just...don't have graphics. Or in Kate Morgental's case, bafflingly, swap to a low facings version.
I have also had ships fail to inherit the ability to move, a ship completely refuse to override unless I used the old ShipClass method, and Kate Morgental not inherit her graphics from an overridden Eir and then revert to the old twenty-facing graphics for an unknown reason.

In short, we have quite a lot of problems with ShipClassOverride when you don't include everything, which partially defeats the purpose of ShipClassOverride.

the_shrike 15 Feb 2022:

The full list:

-EI200s inheriting from an overridden base class did not have graphics, lost ability to move
-Eir-class cruiser worked, but Kat Morgental reverted to 20-facing graphics. I'm not sure how, but she did.
-On replacing the Eir override with a more modern one using the current hull, it failed to function and did not override the base class, but did not throw any errors either.
-On changing the Eir to a ShipClass overwrite, it functioned and the inheritance worked correctly.

...there are ships that also inherit from base classes that I've overidden that appear to work absolutely perfectly, so I quite honestly have no idea what the pattern is that's breaking these things.

the_shrike 17 Feb 2022:

Okay, having investigated more:

The bug appears to happen when you use ShipClassOverride on a type that inherits a shipclass that is *also* affected by ShipClassOverride. Hull elements (like drive, mass, wreck chance, graphics, and the humantechships base class can all fail to load under these circumstances. Exactly *what* doesn't work is random but consistent between different instances of the bug.

george moromisato 3 Mar 2022:

This was a bug in the type inheritance system. I've fixed this in 1.9.2. Thank you!