Salvaging a radioactive auton should warn the player. If they proceed we contaminate the ship. We can also give the player a chance to decontaminate if they have decon gel.

shanejfilomena 21 Jan 2022:

Would that apply to players with immune Armor ?

IF they have Immunity , perhaps the carrying of a radioactive item ( at all, including waste ) should set off an event where the ship or player is in danger of exposure or death because the item is INSIDE the vehicle.

Station Decontamination ( the natural impulse to seek out ) could include decontaminating items in the cargo hold If the player took aboard a radioactive cause for their situation.

Decon Gel on Radioactive Waste could convert the barrel to a new item of "empty Barrel" ( which I always assumed was hiding in the game - an entire universe with no empties? )