[ ] Exsillium Station: No dock screen image when talking to chief engineer.
[x] Hide radiation immunity and ionize immunity.
[x] All armor should be immune to ionization effects
    (including device damage).
[ ] Need unique mechanist armor icons. Ideally each series has matching 
[ ] light duomorph seems to be strictly better than light neoithalium
    (even though they are both level 10).
[ ] Add warning message if buying a weapon/device of the wrong tech tree.
[ ] Ahn Erebien stations in Arienhal are too close together.
[ ] Emir mission arc needs better mission text and graphics.
[ ] When Remoras declines an offer, show the last offer (and maybe the original
[ ] Erebien foundry should show entire catalog but gray out items that cannot
    be forged.
[ ] Remoras need relationship status display.