The dynamically placed normal stargates should only spawn by major landmarks, ex, stars, planets, moons, in thick asteroid belts, or thick trojan groups.

They should not spawn in the void, or next to a single tiny lone asteroid in a very thin asteroid belt.

Since traffic does not always fly directly to the gates, and may travel station-to-station, may have several other gates to go through, and will try to avoid enemy stations with very wide maneuvers, even the 'follow traffic' trick is not guaranteed to actually work. This can lead to extremely long and frustrating times trying to find a gate that spawned next to a spec of dust too small to really visibly show up on the map at the perihelion of an incredibly thin and disperse, highly eccentric, asteroid belt, or out in the middle of actually nowhere.

shaggymoose 6 Dec 2021:

I found this to be annoying at times as well, but on the other hand you have explorer autons and system mapping ROMs that compensate to a large degree. Also, I have yet to find a gate that did not spawn in a marked orbital track, so finding them is a process of thoughtful elimination rather than random searching.

wolfy 8 Dec 2021:

Its basically a time-wasting problem - and time-wasting isn't fun. Sure, some games employ unfun waiting mechanics quite deliberately, but they are trying to monetize getting people to skip the waiting or grind. Games that are seeking to just be a fun experience should respect the player's time and not make things overly tedious. Also with the changes to rom randomization means that chances are you end up using the map rom in a place you dont need to use it in, and this issue can show up in systems before explorer autons will show up.

shaggymoose 8 Dec 2021:

I guess it comes down to whether a player considers this time wasting or exploration. I also am probably leaning towards the former, but it happens infrequently enough that I never flagged it.