I noticed my old saves won't work with the new version. Even v1.8 doesn't work with v1.9b4. Assuming that backward compatibility is not expected (otherwise this becomes a bug report), can the game version be added to the save info? This will allow us to easily know which version to use for any particular save file we might have.

george moromisato 11 days ago:

In general, old save files should work (at least for stable versions). I.e., 1.9 should be able to load 1.8 save files without crashing.

At the same time, I don't really recommend it because enough things change that's it's usually better to start fresh. Probably worth adding a warning.

If you've got a 1.8 save file that doesn't work, please attach it and I'll take a look.

shaggymoose 11 days ago:

I suspect its actually older than v1.8; its dated May 2017.