I was able to skip chapters 2 and 3, was able to trigger chapter 4 (Anaxas), was not able to trigger chapter 5 (Gunsan) thereafter, but was able to trigger chapter 6
Perhaps check if the previous mission was done when the player enters the relevant system, before spawning in Nasser? (like in Benedict missions)
EDIT: able to skip straight to Chapter 6

derakon 7 days ago:

Given that the mission dialog includes alternate versions to bring the player up to speed on what they've missed, I assume the current behavior is intentional. Presumably, without the player's involvement, the Corporations still manage to achieve their objectives.

I'm personally OK with letting the player skip missions. It feels preferable to forcing the player to backtrack to earlier areas if they forget one, especially since those missions won't be very challenging if you can handle high-level areas.

jeremmt 7 days ago:

Re skipping then: a strange thing was that I was able to do Chapter 4, but Chapter 5 (Gunsan) wasn't triggering