The 'Q' squadron feature is great. So much better for the deployed autons. It looks good too, the colored 'health' bars are excellent. And the "Locate" action is brilliant.
One glitch is the "Cargo Hold" tab uses 'D' for both the "Deploy" and "Done" actions.

For the cargo hold tab it would be good if the first auton was selected by default on screen/tab entry. Also if the autons were listed with combat autons first.

This would allow rapid deployment of all combat autons in the hold. This is a very desirable feature.
A possible sequence:
Press 'Q'.
Order all deployed autons to 'Break and Attack' or "Attack Target".
Press 'Tab'.
Then press 'L' repeatedly to deploy all the combat autons in the hold.
Press "Done" to exit the screen.

It would require the undocking after using the actions to be removed and the "Deploy" action be changed to "Launch" with 'L' as the key.

Another option is to have a "Launch All Combat Autons" action in the cargo hold tab.

Some other ideas:
A "Return All Autons to the Cargo Hold" action in the "Deployed" tab.
A "Return Damaged Autons to the Cargo Hold" action in the "Deloyed" tab.
A "Launch All Undamaged Combat Autons" action in the "Cargo Hold" tab.

Long term it would be good for the player to be able to assign autons to different groupings or squadrons. The first squadron could be combat autons. The second could be mining autons. And so on.
Actions for these could be in both the "Deployed" and "Cargo Hold" tabs as appropriate (and maybe in the 'C' menu as well) and could be "Lauch Squadron One", "Return Squadron Two to the Cargo Hold", "Squadron Three Break And Attack", etc.

Some way of returning multiple autons to the cargo hold would be really useful. The 1.9b3 method of pressing 'C', '3', 'R', 'C', '2', 'R', 'C', '1', 'R' is very tedious. In 1.9b4 Ctrl-cicking them individually is good but also a bit tedious. Maybe have all deployed autons selected in the "Deployed" tab by default so the "Return to Ship" action appears automatically? EDIT: Or a "Select All" action?
A bit more difficult to implement would be the ability to drag a 'mouse box' over auton icons to select multiple autons as desired.

At minimum removing the undocking after using the 'attack' actions in the "Deployed" tab would allow better access to the "Cargo Hold" tab. It would require the player to use the "Done" action to exit the screen but remove the need to use 'Q' again if also deploying autons from the hold.

Added: Being able to move the cursor between autons using the Left, Right, Up and Down keys as in the other dock service screens would be handy.