Exactly as in the title, it's a bit weird how the mission statement states that tempus is being smuggled, but none do drop

0xabcdef 18 days ago:

Suppose the mission should also order the player to leave all drugs on the wreck and then obliterate the wreck for good measure.

assumedpseudonym 18 days ago:

 The “obliterate the wreck” part would be a good excuse to add scuttling by the player to the core game instead of just as a mod. <.< >.> <.<

relanat 18 days ago:

Could also change the mission text to 'drug smuggler' and then randomize the drugs in the loot.

Or maybe a 'scuttling charge' item which is placed in the wreck and detonated as in the mining charges. If I get time I'll do this as a mod. Or modify mining charges so they can also do this.
It would be handy to be able to scuttle Gaian wrecks as they often block a lot of the Ringer station fire arcs.