Ported over from #George-look-at-this as requested

The new Earthzones would be extremely well-suited to reskinning/model tweaking for the purpose of developing unique-looking Tinker ships (even if underneath they're the same hull). Since we're already thinking that I can yeet some tinker code/designs at you later, putting the art in the resources pack and telling me to go for it could be enough for me to come up with something for porting into the core game(ala Helgoland).

...we would need a shipyard for them to be sold at if we want the player using them (and we almost certainly do), but that's another matter.

Reasoning: the Guild would be a perfect partner/contributor/member of Revolution Designs, the ships are genuinely capable even if they're not as fancy as modern corporate designs, they're advanced enough to take the tech that Tinkers build, they're simple enough designs for them to build them, the design is probably open-source and easy to modify, and the 1200 in particular has a visual style that really suits the existing style of the Tinker stations.

(And also,from making the current ones playable with only very minor tweaks, they're remarkably fun ships to fly as well)