• When repairing a salvaged auton the auton bay can sometimes fail to clear the item damaged property. This is bug is rare and not easy to reproduce - readding maxHullHP/hullHP to the auton config (or reloading) will usually result in the auton being correctly repaired. My best guess this is an interaction with another event / dockscreen which results in the item data being cleared but not the damage property? [I’ve seen this affect both 1.9 Beta 4 and github @ 93f4b5d running no mods except Corporate Command]
  • Some of the default dock services text can be confusing - especially if the auton bay is disabled e.g. we don’t upgrade or install.. rather than you / the auton bay

In the Auton Dealer:

  • Repairing autons will fail if the auton bay is active as the auton bay is updating the auton items in the background.
  • Hull integrity is shown as 0% if the hull is not damaged (hullDamage == 0 is considered True)


  • Repairing autons will reset them to the default configuration. (autonConfig is not defined in the repair Hull case and that case is always triggered as above)