The centurions hanging around a CSC seemingly became hostile towards it after receiving too many accidental friendly fire shots while an enemy was attacking it. Afterwards, the centurions attacked the CSC until it was destroyed. Oddly enough the CSC never retaliated, and was shot continuously for a significant period of time before dying. The CSC should either eventually retaliate, or just have the centurions never turn hostile against other Commonwealth units.

george moromisato 19 Jul 2021:

Do you have a save file that shows this? If so, can you attach it? Thanks!

derpcat 20 Jul 2021:

Unfortunately, I didn't save it as it was happening. I might try to replicate it when I can

derpcat 23 Jul 2021:

I managed to replicate it, saved it this time. File is attached. I should point out that I have a few extensions active in that game (one-frame turn, AE playerships, scuttle ships, Eternity Port, Commonwealth Police), but I don't think they'll have an impact on it.

jeremmt 5 days ago:

I did manage to replicate this in my CC/NSE (but otherwise vanilla) SOTP game as well (but I forgot to get a save, oops)